My name is Ermis Karagiannis. I am 42 years old and i am born and raised in Sweden. I have a high school engineer degree in technical construction. My whole adult life I have been an entrepreneur within different areas.

This is one major reason why I am today one of the founders and owners in Evolution Corp.

Growing up in Sweden has made me environmentally conscious from a very young age. Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to environmental sustainability, new technic and innovations. Today the green aspect of life is a part of the Swedish culture and society, and it’s always present both in your privet life and working career. 

In Sweden the environmentally interest have during the last fifty years gone from thoughts and ideas, research and results, to a political subject that made impact on people. Today all the green innovations and new technic generate a great part of the Swedish economic revenues every year. Environmental knowledge has become an export product.

Many years ago when I for the first time heard that energy production from biomass and bio oil did not exist in Greece, I could not believe it. Like an entrepreneur I saw one great economic opportunity, but in the same time it was something I believed in. My experience from Sweden made me confident to invest into the green environment sector in Greece with all my heart.    

This was the future for me, green energy production. I am glad to have found this road in my life so I can contribute both to a better environment and to bring prosperity locally and nationally. But most important for me, is to be connected of the everyday life in the region where my family comes from, my roots. I love it.

This is a summary of a great story.

Ermis Karagiannis